What Excites You?

We each have those little things that excite us that maybe go a bit unnoticed.  Sometimes, when we think of things that excite us, we think big first.  You might say things like, "Vacations, amusement parks, haunted houses."  For me, I say, it is the small things.  I might say, "A hand written letter, or drawings from my children, or a handmade gift."


Handmade gifts are always something to get excited about.  When a person takes time to sit and handcraft an item, they are taking a moment away from their own lives to create you something unique, something special, and something just for you.

Some people begin with a roll of yarn, not sure what it will become.  Maybe the simple roll of yarn makes them think of a person, so they add other colors of yarn.  As they sit and hold the yarn, they think of a person that they love, or like, or maybe someone that they just met that they see has a need.  The artisan might then sit, for hours, working on a warm blanket for the person whom they had imagined in their mind when holding one simple roll of yarn.  For hours, she crotchets.  At first, it's just a row... then, maybe two.  Eventually, this roll of yarn becomes a lovely quilt.  Sometimes a pattern is followed, sometimes it is a unique pattern.  Either way, much time and energy and thoughtfulness was put into this unique quilt.  

This isn't the same just for quilts.  Every handmade, handcrafted, bedazzled item started with a thought.  It started with a plan.  Some of the plans change along the way, but some of them come out just how it was intended.  Sometimes, when things go right, they come out just as the artist had planned.

Each item is a labor of love.  Each artisan dreams of the person that will receive the beautiful thing that they created.  Each person hopes that it will be loved by the person who receives it.

quilt closeup.jpg

When you purchase a handmade gift, you are telling that artisan that you appreciate the work, time and effort that they have put into the item that you now how.  When you gift a handmade item, the person receiving it knows that you spent time looking for it.

Homemade Blessings loves to see handmade and USA made items being enjoyed by others.  We love to see the smiling faces of people when the proudly tell the story of how their unique item came to be, or why they connected with it.  Anything from artwork, to jewelry to the warm blanket that took countless hours to create.

We'd love to hear about your favorite handmade items or gifts.  What made them special?  What were the challenges behind them?