Product Highlight ~ Bitterroot Pines Soap


This is one of my favorite soaps, because I myself had an opportunity to help formulate this soap.

The Bitterroot Pines Soap brings the raw, natural smell of the Bitterroot Mountains to your home.  The Bitterroot mountains are located in the very southwest corner of Montana.  

Pine Resin Hand Gathered from The Bitterroot Pine Trees.

Pine Resin Hand Gathered from The Bitterroot Pine Trees.

This soap combines Pine Resin, Mullein, Yarrow and Dandelion together for a beneficial and comforting mountainous smell.  People commonly ask if the pine resin makes the soap sticky.  Lol, No. This soap is not sticky at all. Rather, your skin feels soft and clean after using it.  This is a goat milk soap.  The ingredients in this particular soap are beneficial.  They were hand selected to bring together a happy blend that will have a positive effect on your skin.

Pine Resin has been used for years for it's naturally medicinal properties.  It's commonly used on insect and spider bites. It's been used to increase circulation to help aid in the healing of sprained ankles and joints.  It has natural antibacterial properties.  The common uses of pine resin for various skin ailments makes this soap beneficial all on its own.  

Yarrow, has historically been used to help remove toxins from the body, helping with fevers, flu, and sore throats.  When this herb is added to soap, it is believed to have the ability to help with eczema or dry skin.  It's also believed to reduce inflammation.  

Mullein is often used to relieve coughing, to reduce inflammation and promote healing of wounds.  Many people make it in tea, but the whole ground herb has been added to this soap.

Picture courtesy of Reynolds Photography and Udderly Fresh Soap, LLC.

Picture courtesy of Reynolds Photography and Udderly Fresh Soap, LLC.

Dandelions can often be found growing wildly in the summertime.  This simple, yellow, "weed" has many health benefits that are often overlooked.  Dandelion is believed to aid with depression and anxiety.  Many people use it to treat burns, stings, and acne.  Dandelion contains anti-inflammatory properties, and promotes anti-aging.  These are just a few of the many benefits.

Goat Milk is also believed to be extremely beneficial for the skin.  In many cases, its been used to treat people with Eczema, dry skin, acne, clear skin infections, and promote healthy and nourished skin. 

Bare Bitterroot Pines Soap Bars.jpg

The high levels of goat milk in the Bitterroot Pines Goat Milk Soap blended together with the natural herbs from the Bitterroot mountains create a bar of soap that smells like the mountains while helping to improve the condition of your skin.  It's a win-win.