Herb Highlight


Horsetail is an herb that is used in all of the Udderly Fresh Soap Shampoo Bars. It's commonly used on hair and skin for it's high silica content. Also known as "Shavegrass", it's often used for supporting strong hair and hair growth as well as for boils and blisters.

Horsetail is known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and astringent properties. Horsetail may be used for balding as well.

The Shampoo Bars that we currently carry are a solid bar form, so that can be carried on a plane, in a bag, or take camping. These shampoo bars can also transition easily into a 3-in-1 bar, (Shampoo, Soaping, and shaving.)

I encourage you to do your own research as well.