Supporting Small Business

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I know that we hear all of the time, "shop local", "support small business", "buy small".  Many of us are very familiar with these phrases, but what does it mean?  I think that it means something a little different to each of us.

The idea of Homemade Blessings started at a craft fair in Missoula, Montana in 2015, but didn't become a reality until late in 2017, where we are just beginning.

I was helping run a booth at a two day Christmas craft show.  It was a little slow, so I decided to walk around and talk to some of the other vendors at the show.  Many of the vendors expressed that sales were down, but that this craft show was important to them because they had such a hard time trying to find places to sell their items.  

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While talking to them, I learned that many of these people, my neighbors, relied heavily on the sales of these craft shows for many reasons.  They needed the money to pay household bills, or to buy Christmas gifts for their children.  They needed the supplemental income to pay for a dance class, or to get a better working car.  Each of these individuals had spent several hours preparing for the event.  They invested time and money into their displays, products and crafts.  Time away from their families.

As I returned back to my booth, I realized that I could help them with that.  That's how Homemade Blessings was formed, although, at that time, it was a nameless idea.  I began to brainstorm on how I could help my friends and neighbors to reach a larger audience for the high quality items that they spend so much time and dedication to create.  

The items listed on our website are each made in the USA.  They are each made by individuals and small businesses.  Each item sold is a blessing for the family or individual that created the item.  

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Thus, the name Homemade Blessings was a good fit.  Homemade, because each item is made in our home, the United States of America.  And Blessings, because each item blesses not only the individual who created it, but also the person receiving it.

Giving the gift of handmade is special. You know that the quality is good and that there was a great deal of love that went into creating each item.

What does home mean to you?  Why is supporting small business important to you?